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Cutting Enviroboards Fire Board


Enviroboards Fire Board can be cut with a handsaw (Medium/Fine), or Skilsaw/circular saw. Saws should be cleaned thoroughly after use.


Wearing a mask is recommended


Fixing and Jointing


Fixing with screws: It is recommended to use countersunk screws with a diameter of 3.5-4.2mm with a length approximately 3 times the thickness of the board. Fixings should be at 300mm centres approximately 10mm from the edge of the board. All edges should coincide with a supporting structure such as a rafter or joist and should be fixed with supporting counter batons as well.


Jointing: Boards to be installed with a joint gap of 3mm (-1mm/+2mm).  All joints to be sealed with intumescent sealant


Planing and Sanding: A conventional hand held plane or sandpaper can be used to give a smooth edge or finish.




When removing the boards from a pallet always slide from the top before lifting.  To avoid damage do not stack the boards on their edge.


If storing outside it is recommended to cover pallets with a protective sheet against the elements.


The boards are supplied on wooden pallets for easy handling by forklift. Always carry the boards on their edge (vertically) never horizontally. Boards should be stacked and handled carefully to avoid damage.  Pallets should not be stacked more than 3 high. Boards should be dry when installing.

Installation Instructions 

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